Virtual tours

As part of its activities, Porat Measurements also arranges virtual tours, which serve as a powerful work tool for private customers, business owners and institutions alike.

Our advanced and highly efficient work tool allows a 360° view of the products in 4K resolution, in a configuration that is as close to reality as possible.

The virtual tour is available at a click of a button. It can be conducted via your tablet, computer, etc., and allows to move through a particular space without being present in it. Upon the customer’s request, the tour can be conducted according to layout, information points and issuing a plan with detailed dimensions of the product.

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Vacation homes

Tour Examples

Barak Marble Showroom and Plant

Emilia Suites, Dalton

Blue Stone Marble

“Kingdom of Judah” Villa, Dalton

Luxury Cars Showroom

Porat Measurements Offices

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Top view

3D visualization

Pieces of information

At Porat Measurements, we are always at your service to produce the perfect virtual tour and ensure top-quality customer experience for the benefit of your project.

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